The first teacher pair of 2021!

Henrik (Wintermute) & Regina

We are excited to tell you about our first teacher pair of Shibaricamp 2021!
They are: Henrik (Wintermute) & Regina, from Germany!

Henriks main focus of study is rope that creates an emotional impact - eroticism. Seductive rope, movement, body-mechanics, time, rhythm, shape. Rope that echoes touch. In essence advanced floor work.
He has started a space called Kinetik Speicher ( ) that is dedicated to the exploration of contemporary art, movement, body, music, Eros and sexuality.

Regina joined the Kinetik Speicher team three years ago, and with a strong interest and enjoyment to explore kink and bondage, her passion developed. Through her knowledge as a Karate teacher and her didactic abilities they started teaching Shibari in Hamburg together.

Photo by: Softbondage