The team

Shibaricamp is a nonprofit event and a team effort.

Preparation of camp

The preparation of camp - teachers, schedules, classes, tickets, website, invitations and all of that - is taken care of by two volunteers working for free: BeyondRope and Prettodekadens.
We are two rope nerds from Sweden, who since a few years irregularly organise and teach at rope events. We can be found in Gothenburg and outside Helsingborg.

The venue and maintenance

All that has to do with the physical camp and the economic side of things is taken care of by Frank.
He runs several venues focused on BDSM events, including the oldest one in Gothenburg that’s been around since 30 years!

During camp there is also a small horde of volunteers that take care of cooking, cleaning, carpenting and what not.

We´ll be enjoying camp together with you all in August, and we´re really looking forward to it!

Contact us

Send an email to or a message on Instagram or find the event for Shibaricamp 2021 on Fetlife, Darkside, or Facebook.

We´d love to hear what you think or answer your questions!