Sirikon is a Gothenburg-based rigger and rope model with a passion for exploring emotions and feelings through ropes. This is how he describes himself and his relation to ropes.

My journey into shibari was initially as a rope model but with time and encouragement from others, I discovered the sensation of being the one who ties. For me, shibari has always been a way and opportunity to escape from stress in daily life and to truly express myself. As a rigger and rope model, my main interest in shibari is to convey feelings and emotions through ropes.

I have a passion for exploring the unknown and to discover things beyond my understanding. Because of this I do not follow a specific way or school of tying. Instead, my 'way' of tying is based on concepts, ideas, and always asking myself the question “Why?” as in all aspects of life.

For me, shibari is lifelong learning where I can explore and find new ways to create and convey emotions but also find myself. Me and my rope partners together create our own space and along the way we find our reasons to tie. Thus, every meeting in ropes is a unique opportunity to explore the unknown.

Sketch: Mii

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