Bound <3

Bound <3

Bound <3 is Fittglitter and Neeka from Stockholm, Sweden. This is how they describe themselves and their relationship to rope, to teaching, and to their other expressions of kinbaku.


I have been an active Kinbaku practitioner since 2015. I have been on both sides of the ropes since the start. So I have equivalent experience in being the person tying as to the person being tied, and I see that as one of my biggest contributing experiences of my tying and on my journey. Entertainment and performances quickly became a strong interest in connection with ropes and I have been doing performances from everything between clubs in Stockholm, to parties and private events.

I have been doing private lessons, arranged rope events and courses since spring, 2016. I’ve also been active within the sex-positive movement for some years and also held a seminar at Stockholm Pride Ung 2015. I have always had an incredible fascination for the human body, mind, and soul.

I spend a lot of my free time reading books, going on retreats, travel. I love meeting people and through that learn to understand how we work and why we humans are who we are (or so I like to think). Empathy and openness are my strongest drives in life and I have a strong passion for bringing out the sides and thoughts of people that we usually are too afraid to show. But I believe that is the most beautiful side os us <3


My journey into kinbaku and shibari as an art form started in 2013 when I through partnered dancing got words and tools to develop what I find so much more interesting than the patterns. And since then I strive to create and express feeling and sensation through rope, that is why I choose to call my expression kinbaku.

I’ve played with rope bondage since my teens, actually earlier than with my first sexual partners and started exploring shibari 2004, mostly from materials on the internet, but also through available workshops. My passion in rope is the small things, the breath that stretches to infinity, the moments of pure presence shared between tyer, tyee and observer. For me, rope is about expressing myself, conveying feelings, creating worlds and to emphasize our innermost beauty. My experience is primarily as a tyer, but spend considerable time in ropes to learn more.

I have a long history of education and training in different contexts and have been organizing qualified training since 2005 and in rope education since 2007. I’m trained in teaching both theory and practice, with tools like coaching, experience-based learning and reflective methods. My strength as a rope educator is in finding what you do well, and make that even better. Discovery and progression are my main motivating factors and there are few things I value more than the spark of a newly found insight, and to inspire and guide someone to it is the most satisfying thing I know.

Bound <3
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