About Shibaricamp

We want to create a camp where everybody feels welcome and respected for who they are, regardless of gender, body type, ethnicity, and all the other things that far too often negatively impact how we are treated in society at large. Shibaricamp wants to nourish a spirit of community, prestigelessness, and playfulness, where it is easy to set your own personal boundaries and then go absolutely crazy within them.

What is it?

Shibaricamp is a week long, recurring kinky summer-camp, with a focus on rope bondage. It takes place on the west coast of Sweden during the second week of August every year. It is intimate and cozy camp aimed at everybody who are passionate about rope bondage, and it has an atmosphere of community and co-creation.

We want to create a camp where everybody feels welcome and respected for who they are, regardless of gender, body type, ethnicity, and all the other things that far too often negatively impact how we are treated in society at large. Shibaricamp wants to nourish a spirit of community, prestigelessness, and playfulness, where it is easy to set your own personal boundaries and then go absolutely crazy within them.

For whom is it?

Previous experience

The only thing you need in order to enjoy Shibaricamp is a love for rope. Participants range from those experienced with rope, who come to hone their skills, to the beginners who are curious to learn. If a class requires a certain type of previous experience, this will be posted, and we will try to plan the schedule so that the parallel class does not.

Don’t be afraid to come alone

Most people come to the camp with someone to tie with, but there’s also many who come alone and/or want to tie with more than their regular partners. If you want to find someone before you come, we suggest that you post in the Shibaricamp group on Fetlife or the Fetlife event or the Darkside (Fetopia) event.

During camp we will facilitate several opportunities to match up and find someone to tie with.

Safety and well-being

We wish to create opportunities for learning and developing for everyone in a safer space that encourages exploration, regardless of gender, role and sexual expression. Camp participants are encouraged to be there for each other when someone needs a hug or someone to talk to, and the atmosphere at camp is usually warm and familiar.

We expect that you practice consent and do not violate others', or your own, boundaries. A no is always a no, and doesn’t need to be motivated.

The basics of staying at camp

Accommodations and the venue

We provide basic lodging with hostel standard in bunk beds in rooms of four. Let us know when you apply if you would like to share rooms with anyone in particular.
If agreed upon, private caravans or motor homes may be brought to be used as accommodations – if you would like to do that, please let us know when applying!

The main building houses a large dining room, a lounge with sofas and a fireplace, a kitchen, and two play rooms – one big and open and one that you can close. In the cellar there is a dungeon for more private sessions.
There are two newly renovated shower rooms with toilets, and a couple of bathrooms throughout the place.

There’s also a popular wood-fired hot tub in the garden. It is a wonderful experience to soak here beneath the starry summer sky!
And, the sea is just around the corner.


Unfortunately the venue is not accessible with a wheel chair. The houses are old and the surroundings are not very flat.


Breakfast, lunch and dinner is included in the ticket, and there will be fika - a Swedish obligatory social snack time - between the meals, to keep you going all day. If you have needs or cravings beyond that you have to take care of it yourself.

Two different courses are served: one lactose free and one that is adjusted to the needs and preferences of the camp guests, for example vegan, vegetarian, no gluten or no nuts. Please let us know any dietary requirements in the application form!
If you need it you can get a menu about one week before camp starts. Please contact us if you have any questions in this matter and we will forward it to the kitchen.

The food is prepared by a warm-hearted group of volunteers that work their butts off during the week without any other compensation than your gratitude.

Helping out

Shibaricamp is something we create together - from clearing away the dishes and cleaning up after us when camp is over, to living, tying and exploring together for a whole week.

We all try to take care of each other and the place, keeping an eye out for where a helping hand may be needed or appreciated.
This creates a relaxed and warm atmosphere that many claim is unique, and which makes many people return year after year.

What to do here?

Vacation in the countryside, and meeting amazing people, AND get to enjoy rope with them!

Take classes

An impressive lineup of teachers will bring to life lots of classes on various matters of rope. During the week, classes are held in parallel in two different rooms – one with suspension points and one without.

Classes are relatively small, and we have asked the teachers what they would most like to teach, which makes the content more personal.

We have implemented a system that enables you to prioritize and choose classes for each day, meaning that you won’t get in to all of the classes you choose, but most likely the ones that you prioritize highest – and the system contains a way to even out injustices.

Private tuition

The teachers offer private tuition during camp. Seize the opportunity when they are so close at hand, and probably have seen you tie in class, to get some personal quality tuition.

Tie and play

In the evenings we set the mood for tying and rope-focused playing. The venue has two large 'public' playrooms, a smaller private playroom, and a private basement dungeon, and you can also play outdoors in the yard.

It's ok to play, be naked and to have sex within the area of the venue, which through the shape of the camp is protected from outsiders' view, but not from the other participants'.... The goal is to give you all the freedom you need to experience rope in the way that pleases you.

When there is no class in session (but only then - check the schedule at the notice board) you are free to use the private rooms and the general play area at any time of day or night, for private play or for pulling together a group activity.

We’d also love for you to participate in making the play spaces into the space of your dreams by helping to decorate and set the mood with lighting and music.

Co-create content

There’s space in the schedule and the venue for anyone to contribute with their own material – be it a class, a discussion group or a performance – just put it up on the signboard and get people to join!

And don’t miss the opportunity to partake in, or at the very least enjoy, the new Shibaricamp tradition (started last year) Shibaret!
(shibari + cabaret = <3)
Do you want to do a kinky tango? Sing a serenade to your daddy? Or have a mayhem tying battle to see who can suspend a bowling ball covered in lube? Everyone can join! The only two restrictions are that it should have something to do with rope/kink/bdsmf and that is not 'just' a rope act (unless it's hilarious).

If you have ideas for acts that you’d like to do, please contact: shibaret@shibaricamp.se and we'll get back to you.

Make new friends

Get to know some of the other fifty odd rope enthusiasts from all over the world, extend your rope universe and get inspired. There’s lots of space to hang out (pun intended) inside and outside.

If you want to find someone to tie with, in or out of class, we arrange several single mingles during the week.

Explore the surroundings

Camp is situated in a secluded, calm and slow part of the world. There’s a big lawn, forest, fields, perfect for sunbathing, taking a stroll, or some quiet time in nature as a contrast to all the action.
The sea is just a 10-minute walk from camp, offering two wonderful beaches for swimming – a secluded bay with rocks and a shallow beach with both sand and rocks.

By car you can also easily go to other places on the coast, which as Lonely Planet puts it, is: ”Dramatic, stark and irrepressibly beautiful, the Bohuslän Coast is one of Sweden’s natural treasures. The landscape here is a grand mix of craggy islands and rickety fishing villages caught between sky and sea.”
Within easy reach you have e.g. the nature preserve Ramsvikslandet, the picturesque town of Smögen, or why not take a full day’s excursion to Vitlycke (Tanum) with rock carvings from the Scandinavian bronze age, a World Heritage site. Shibaricamp participants usually also visit one of Europe's oldest, still active rope making factories.

Practical information

When is it?

Shibaricamp always takes place during week 32, which this year (2021) means arrival is on August 9 and departure is on August 15.

Where is it?

The venue is a summer camp situated nearby the town Smögen, a little over an hour's drive north from the city of Gothenburg in the beautiful countryside of Bohuslän, Sweden.

Getting here is easy. From the airport or the train station in central Gothenburg you can get here by train, bus or car, and people often rideshare.
(A more detailed description will be available to participants closer to August.)

How do I get a ticket?

The investment needed for a ticket to Shibaricamp is committing to co-creating camp, which includes taking care of the people and the place, e.g. helping to clean on the last day. You also need to pay for a ticket.

Application for tickets opens on May 17th, 2021 and stay open until May 28th (there will be a form on this website for registering during that time only).

You apply for a ticket, and after processing the applications we will let you know if you get one. It is then reserved for you; it's is really yours first after your payment has been completed.

By whom is it?

Shibaricamp is a nonprofit event and we all work as volunteers making it happen.

Camp is planned and prepared by BeyondRope & Prettodekadens.
We´re two rope nerds from Sweden, who since a few years irregularly organise and teach at rope events. We can be found in Gothenburg and outside Helsingborg.

All that has to do with the physical camp and the economic side of things is taken care of by Frank.
He runs several venues focused on BDSM events, including the oldest one in Gothenburg that’s been around since 30 years!

During camp there is also a small horde of volunteers that take care of cooking, cleaning, carpenting and what not.

We’ll be enjoying camp together with you all in August, and we’re really looking forward to it!

Contact us

Please send us an email at info@shibaricamp.se or connect using Instagram. We are also present on Fetlife, Darkside, and Facebook We’d love to hear what you think or answer your questions!