More teachers!

Natasha (NawaTaNeko) and Alexander (Nawa Ronin) MA

We are really happy to announce that Natasha (NawaTaNeko) and Alexander (Nawa Ronin) are joining us as teachers at Shibaricamp this summer!

This is how they describe themselves on their website

"We are Alexander (Nawa Ronin) MA and Natasha NawaTaNeko. We tie together for almost 10 years. Kinbaku and especially Seme-nawa in the style of Akira Naka as taught in Europe by Riccardo Wildties has become an important and enriching part of our lives. We share our passion by performing and teaching Kinbaku together.

As a Kinbaku teachers, we strive to empower our students as quickly as possible to find their own path. We teach principles and elements, not fixed, rigid forms. Alexanders’ background as a scientist and Martial Art practitioner as well as his teaching experience from his day job feed into our teaching method."