Natasha (NawaTaNeko)


“I love rope for that it’s honest. Real. Tangible. With rope, you can learn to surrender, you can learn integrity. You can learn to be generous – and grateful. If you engage in a rope play – I mean really engage, with the full heart, it will inevitably transform you. I’m into a challenge of two people coming close, very close together, a challenge of exchanging a gift of a focused attention and connection, becoming vulnerable in showing themselves as they are and letting other see them”

Kinbaku Performer and Educator, Somatic Practitioner, Author Natasha NawaTaNeko is a truth seeker and embodiment enthusiast. In Kinbaku, she is looking for true emotions and authenticity and sees rope bondage as deeply intimate erotic practice that also has a profound transformational potential.

Bringing together her experience in Japanese inspired rope bondage and her background in somatics, she developed a structure for rope bottoms to deepen their experience in ropes and make it more internal, conscious and safe. Her recent book “Somatics for Rope Bottoms” consists of 12 somatic inquiries into the life of the body bound by ropes and aimed to remind us about the importance of living in the body as an essential place of change, learning, and transformation.

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