Alexander (Nawa Ronin)

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“Kinbaku is a journey for me, a path I walk with my partner and a few close people, people whom I trust to open up to. Kinbaku happens between two people, it is communication and emotion – and highly erotic. I am interested in playing with sensations to induce emotions: suffering, pain and pleasure … in beauty. When I tie then that’s definitely a challenge for the person in my ropes”

Alexander has an academic background in natural science and innovation. For over 20 years he has been researching how systems, body and mind react when challenged. What drives him is the curiosity to look behind the façade of the everyday, to bring the hidden to the light, to expand boundaries, to think the impossible, to transform people and systems. Alexander teaches traditional Japanese Rope Bondage, Kinbaku, in Berlin and across Europe, he performs and is a founder of Berlin Kinbaku Society producing a quarterly print magazine.

Berlin 2020_.jpg
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