Covid & Camp

Do bondage like there's a pandemic going on - Self tying in surgery clothing!

Covid-19 is unfortunately still a thing, and something we have to take into account at camp, as well as in society in general. Shibaricamp complies with the recommendations from Folkhälsomyndigheten (The Public Health Agency of Sweden), and we have performed risk-management for event planning according to their guidelines.

For all participant this means that:

  • If you have any flu-like symptoms, even mild ones, when you arrive at camp - you won't be admitted. You should not even be travelling.
  • If you develop any such symptoms at camp, then you have to isolate from the rest of camp, and will be moved to a separate accommodation.
  • You will be thorough with hand hygiene.
  • You will be sensitive to, and respect others' wishes for social distance.

Where to find information?

For information about the current guidelines from The Public Health Agency of Sweden

For information about the current restrictions on travel to Sweden