Registration closed

What happens now?

The interest registration is closed, and we have begun curate the available tickets. If you registered interest in joining Shibaricamp, you will recieve an email with information regarding if you are offered a reservation or not, once the ticket curation is done.

If you are offered a reservation, you will then get a week to decide if you want it or not, before we pass the offer on to the person next in line.

If you want the reservation, it is yours once payment has been completed.

About the tickets

A ticket provides you with basic lodging (hostel standard in bunk beds) and full board for a week, which will be filled with teacher-led classes, playing, time for excursions, private tuition or resting, at a summer camp that is hard to beat!

The required investment for this is committing to co-creating camp, which includes taking care of each other and the venue, and helping to clean up on the last day. You also need to pay for a ticket, which is 4150 SEK (€415) per person.

Refund policy

Due primarily to the current uncertainty relating to international travel, we understand that it is really hard to commit to an international trip a few months from now. In order to try and mitigate that, we have an extended grace period and a clear refund policy in the event that either you or we have to cancel.

The refund policy can be found here: Refund policy

Curated reservations

The available reservations are not allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

In order to nourish an atmosphere that feels both dynamic and safe, we think it is necessary to curate the available tickets in a way that makes the group of participants at camp well-balanced in terms of experiences, roles, genders, nationalities, etc.

To be able to do this, we encourage you to tell us about yourself in the fields below. Shibaricamp is to a high degree a co-created event, but please don’t feel that there is a pressure to tell us about how you can be useful. We would much rather like to know what you are passionate about, and what you enjoy!
In much the same way, please don’t feel that shibaricamp isn’t for you, because you have only been doing rope bondage for a short time. There is room for very experienced rope nerds, as well as those who have just begun exploring the joys of rope bondage!

Therefore, we encourage you to use the fields below to help us get a picture of who you are!