Need a ropepartner?

Most people come to the camp with someone to tie them or someone to tie. However you are most welcome to come alone as well. There tend to be at least a few that do so. Please post a request in the Shibaricamp group on Fetlife or the event on Darkside 


The venue also hosts other events for the BDSM community on other dates and even if the venue is facilitated for all sorts of events, rope is the focus of Shibari camp. We expect our guests to obeserve a strict policy when it comes to respect and consent. We don not touch each other or each others stuff without explicit consent. A no is always a no. Violating consent might send you home early. There will be a dedicated individual at camp to whom you can speak to if you at any point feel unsafe and we will together work towards creating a safer space for everyone attending.
Photography is not allowed on the premises, except for details in ties during workshop or practice after the consent of those involved. 
In case of small or big crises we ask you to involve us to help handle it. Be it to arrange disposal of the corpse, just letting know something went down or anything in between.